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Reusable Bottle

     Plastic bottles are an increasing problem to our environment. Think about it, when you throw away a plastic bottle instead of recycling it, it goes to the landfill. From there it can go two different ways. It can get stuck in the wind currents and be placed in our oceans, lakes or forests. Animals who  find these plastic bottles may either mistaken them for food and become sick , or they may simply get stuck in the bottle. On the other hand if the water bottles stays in the landfill, it will eventually photodegrade, or break down into smaller chemicals by light, in this case sunlight. Now there are new chemicals and/or toxins that are free to do damage in our environment. They can seep into our soil and water ways, and can endager much of our wildlife. Goodbye Plastics is a project that is trying to reduce the amount of plastics being put into our landfills. We decrease the amount of plastics used and thrown to help the environment.

Goodbye Plastics : Get Your own Bottle

Americans throw away enough plastic bottles in one hour to circle the earth over 4 times. 

To make a 1 liter plastic bottle, it actually takes about 3 liters of water.

There is over 2 million tons of plastic bottles in all US landfills.

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